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Birthdate:Apr 18
Location:Missouri, United States of America
let’s talk, play, and love.{called:花璃; hanari. female ♀. born 18/04/1991. resides in the united states. high school student. 162 cm. whitest girl ever. a walking contradiction.

Not taking friend requests right now unless I already know you. :3 Trying to control the amount of people on my f-list. Hopefully that's understandable.

asian entertainment. her snazzy ipod touch. long walks. volleyball. writing. graphic design. video games. fiction books. amusement parks. ice cream. all types of music. food. japanese. top gear. korean dorks. dancing. oversized sunglasses. travel. summer.

tvxq. news. ss501. boa. kat-tun. cute is what we aim for. hey! say! jump. tegomasu. busted. the scene aesthetic. wonder girls. fall out boy. anyband. secondhand serenade. the academy is. panic at the disco. lostprophets. paramore. leah dizon. taking back sunday. others.

css. | graphics. | writing.

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akanishi's collarbone, annoying you bitches, being awesomely amazing, being enslaved by wii, boys over flowers, capslock on msn ftw, changmin falling asleep onstage, daiki's height complex, doubles five oh one, failing at learning korean, frapps in the morning, hasshi's hips don't lie, i speak spanglish, inoo being a girl, inside jokes, je ate my brain, junsu is all ass, junsu the great, life stories with jenn, my ipod owns yours, no gyoza no life, not even making sense, not sleeping until 5am, owning mario kart wii, paint my world colorful, pretending to know japanese, singing in korean, spamspamspam, stuff that isn't logical, sucking at photoshop, takaki is female, that slut jaejoong, those hey say kids, tvxq infested my brain, yabu waffles and lovejuice, yoochun being passionable, yunho's "manly" ghei
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